Réka Rajnai – Health Ambassador of BioTechUSA, IFBB Bikini World Cup winner

I started training with E-Fit around two years ago. I found it such an amazing and effective training method, so I decided to buy my own machine and to open a studio. It helped me a lot by my preparation for the fitness model competitions and helped me to achieve all the success. Even tho I don't compete anymore - I became a Health Ambassador - but i still use electro fitness in a regular basis.


Edit Tanács – owner, CEO - OpenWingsEnglish Language School

I have to admit I'm not very fond of doing sports in general. For me it was always difficult to fit it into my quite busy schedule. But turning 35 made me feel it was necessary to do something apart from sitting in my office in front of my computer. I found and tried E-fit as it promised time-saving but highly effective trainings – two things I consider really important in my everyday life as well. And it wasn't just a promise. I can easily fit the 20-minute trainings into my daily schedule and the effects are visible after a few weeks. I feel a general strength growth, less stress related issues, tighter body and my backache is gone! I can recommend it to anyone – to even those who hates sports!


Dj Najah Cole – DJ/Producer Miami

At my young age I learned performance and discipline from my time on Hungary's national gymnastics team. My time as a gymnast created the foundation I use to be the DJ and producer I am now. Cut a long story short: this machine is incomparable! I'm very happy to found E-Fit! This is fully what I need and it makes my life complete! I'm in good shape full of energy and I've plenty of time to do my work! Need more? I don't think :) Just try out and you will see what I'm talking about :)

Zalán Kertai - painter

Inspired by sport, inspired by E-Fit – Hungarian painter Zalán Kertai needed less than a 20-minute training time to get inspiration for his latest study of the human body. He presented muscle formation and build-up through his painting. He got inspired while training.
As he said, "I could really feel my muscles – each and every one of them as if I my skin had been transparent.

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