EMS technology

The E-FIT EF-1280 equipment is using EMS technology (electric-muscle-stimulation) for a whole body stimulating workout which means that the entire body is stimulated simultaneously throughout the training sessions. While doing exercises and sports the messages of the brain are transmitted through the nerve-tract by electrical impulses to the motor controls of the muscles. The EMS technology (electric-muscle-stimulation) delivers electrical stimulation to the muscles in direct proximity, causing them to contract and relax as if we were exercising.

EMS technology has existed for a long time and it is based on decades of research and development. Several distinct impulses are used in the fields of therapy, cosmetology and recreation. The history of the electric-muscle-stimulation goes back to 1791 to Luigi Galvani’s experiment. He stimulated the muscles of frogs by low frequency electricity. Based on his studies many researches started. The Russian space research also started to use electro-muscle stimulation for training astronauts in space. Because of the lack of gravitational force and weightlessness in the space the astronauts had dystrophy disorders. With the whole body stimulation workout they could avoid the side effects of the weightlessness. Professional athletes has also started to use EMS technology while preparing for the Olympic Games. In the 1990s German engineers developed the new generation of EMS equipment, which was widely used by professionals as well as physiotherapists and personal trainers. This scientific method has been developed and tested over a long period of experimental research and studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the E-FIT equipment. Several researches, medical and sport results prove its efficiency, and this technology has been registered as a recognized therapy by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The current device is part of the 5th generation equipment-series specifically developed to stimulate the entire body throughout the training sessions. What was once only possible after years of training is now achievable within a short time through electro-muscular stimulation. Users profit immediately from the electrifying advantages because nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneously activated, even the hard to reach muscles on the waist and hips. The success is visible and tangible quickly, fat content and weight are reduced, but muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increased, body shape and problem zones tightened. The E-FIT EMS unit stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously while individual sections can be trained and stimulated as well. The whole body stimulating EMS training is up to 50 % more intensive than traditional strength training with weights. EMS equipment tenses the muscles with a low intensity alternating current which is the most efficient way of reshaping your body because while training with an EMS equipment 90 % of your body muscles are activated. The special whole body EMS training represents a time-saving, very effective all-round training that provides positive health effects. At the same time, therapeutic as well as preventive objectives are achieved.

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