Be fit with E-fit

Time-saving method, only 20-minute training sessions

Active exercise combined with full body electric muscle stimulation meanwhile individual sections can be trained with different intensity. 80% of the body muscles are involved, stimulated and trained, nearly 36.000 contraction can be generated.

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Special training clothing

The breathable antibacterial material guarantees perfect hygiene and physical comfort.
The cables are built inside the clothing which enables free movement and due to the flexible belts it is comfortable to wear.
The top quality E-Fit clothing allows quick and easy positioning of the
10 electrode pairs. The cables are easy to remove and reinstall, so maintenance and cleaning are absolutely hassle free.

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Personalized trainings

Each training is controlled by personal a trainer who sets the intensity and adjusts it to the user's purpose and condition. E-FIT is a machine-supported personal training method.

Of the population is targeted
Women after childbirth
Those who have
cellulite problems
Businessmen & Managers
Those who want to train
in a joint friendly way
Overweight people
Body builders
those who suffer
from back pain

Portable Mobile Training Kit

The new suitcases and trolleys ensure a safe transport of the device, electrodes and accessories. For mobile use a table stand can be used as a perfect solution. Customers can be trained not only in gyms or studios but at home or in the office. It can also be used while being on holiday or during a business trip

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Wide range of applications

Fitness studios, sport clubs, beauty salons, spas, wellness hotels, offices,
at home - with only small, 25-30 square meters space requirements.

Medical Device

The E-FIT EF-1280 M is a certificated medical device with CE 1020 Medical Certification. It can only be used by professionals for therapeutic goals and for prevention, rehabilitation. The tendon and joint friendly E-FIT training is a perfect method for elderly.

Low investment required

The advantage of the unique E-fit investment:

Low upkeep and low
operational cost
Needs minimal
The payback period of the
investment is very short
Cost effective
Overriding profit
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Time-saving method

Time-saving method, only 20-minute training sessions

Nowadays most people struggle with weight issues, connective tissue disorders like cellulite, striations, suffer from back pain and muscular dystrophy disorders. We would like to deal with these problems but our lives speeded up in the last few decades. We want everything at once. We want to see effective and immediate results of our efforts in all fields of life. It’s especially true if we speak about doing exercises. Since we have less and less time in the 21st century we pay less attention to live a healthy life. Because of their lack of time most people do not do sports regularly. Going to a gym and having a proper training, which starts with a warm up and ends with a stretching takes more than 2 hours. After a long day at work we simply just want to relax, to do exercises is the last thing on our mind. Free time is a luxury – we do not want to spend it on tiresome, time consuming and ineffective training sessions.

The solution is the E-FIT training.

E-FIT by using EMS technology (electric-muscle-stimulation) offers a time saving method for achieving your goals fast. 20 minutes per training sessions are enough to achieve tangible results in just a few weeks. The E-FIT devices are part of the latest, innovative fifth generation equipment-series and have been specifically developed for active exercise combined with full body muscle stimulation. The E-FIT equipment is used for a whole body stimulating workout which means that the entire body is stimulated simultaneously throughout the training sessions. The E-FIT equipment stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously meanwhile 12 individual sections can be trained and stimulated with different intensity depending on the user’s daily form and condition. During the 20-minute training only the muscles are trained in a tendon and joint friendly way.

Strength training by EMS promotes neural and muscular adaptations that are complementary to the well-known effects of voluntary resistance training. During traditional training all the muscle groups have to be worked on individually to have an effect. This can be quite time-consuming. With the E-FIT device a 20-minute training session can influence all the muscles of the body, strengthening all the fibers.
The whole body stimulating EMS training is up to 50 % more intensive than traditional strength training with weights. EMS equipment tenses the muscles with a low intensity alternating current which is the most efficient way of reshaping your body because while training with an EMS equipment 90 % of your body muscles are activated and nearly 36.000 contraction can be generated.

What was once only possible after years of training is now achievable within a short time through electro-muscular stimulation. Users profit immediately from the electrifying advantages because nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneously activated, even the hard to reach muscles on the waist and hips.

The success is visible and tangible quickly, fat content and weight are reduced, but muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increased, body shape and problem zones tightened. Whole body EMS training with E-FIT represents a time-saving, very effective all-round training.

E-Fit Special Training Clothing


Breathable & Variable

The special training clothing is made of breathable antibacterial material, which guarantees the right hygiene, physical comfort and it keeps the electrodes in the appropriate position in a very convenient way.

The cables and electrodes are built inside the clothing so they do not hinder while training. It enables free movement and due to the flexible straps and belts it is comfortable to wear and they keep the electro cables on the appropriate muscle group providing a more comfortable and more efficient use.


Easy to wash and clean

The cables are easy to remove and reinstall, so maintenance is absolutely hassle free. The cables and the electrode sets are easy to remove from and within the technical wear, so it is easy to wash and clean them and it is easier to adjust the position of the electrodes if needed.

The lower and the upper body can be trained separately thanks to the special training jackets and training shorts. Antagonist muscles like biceps and triceps, as well as quadriceps and hamstring can be trained separately, but simultaneously.

jacket3 jacket4

10 Flexible electrode pairs

Within the training clothing there are 10 electrode pairs and each pair of electrodes moves only one group of muscles simultaneously (the calf, the thigh flexor and tensor muscles, the great bottom muscle, the deep back muscle, the upper back muscle, the abdominal muscle, the pectoral muscle, the biceps and triceps). The electrodes are attached to the muscles of the limbs by separate well adjustable belts.

Additional advantages

  • The clothing and the cables are equipped with professional metal connectors.
  • The top quality E-Fit clothing allows quick and easy positioning of the electrodes.
  • Disinfectant liquid can be used for the perfect hygiene.
  • The electrodes are covered by a special coating and designed for the specific muscle group both in size and shape, ensuring not only perfect contact and efficiency, but also ergonomic comfort.
  • The E-Fit pack can be extended with extra size dresses, allowing guests in the range of 40 to 200 kilograms to be completely E-Fit.

Functional, purpose-built training clothes


E-Fit Spinal Jacket - Special E-FIT vest for back treatment.

There are specialised E-FIT programs for combating back ailments. The special electrode cables can also be used for medical treatment and physiotherapy. With this customised E-FIT jacket therapeutic goals can be achieved.

Nowadays many people suffer from the most common ailment: back pain. Stress, unilateral strains, and neglect of the back musculature are the main sources of the complaints. Over time, the conditions become chronic and intensify further.

The solution is E-FIT EMS back training!

One of the most important effects of the electric muscle stimulation is the ability to train the deeper muscles, such as the back- and spine supporting muscles. These muscles are responsible for our posture and due the sedentary lifestyle these muscles can become weaker leading to low back pain problems. Muscle stimulation helps to strengthen these muscles to carry out their function properly.

With targeted, individually controlled training, even the more deeply seated, stabilizing muscle groups are activated and strengthened - conventional training can only reach them with difficulty. Thanks to E-FIT EMS training the spinal column gains stability. The back is unburdened perceptibly. Certain muscular dysbalances are evened out and the trunk musculature is strengthened. This is the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.


The spinal jacket is made of a special strong and elastic rubber fabric. The electrodes are placed on the following muscles:

  • Rectus abdominismucle or abs (Musculus rectus abdominis)
  • Trapezius muscles and Rhomboideus major and minor muscles (Musculus trapezius, Musculusrhomboideus major, minor)
  • Latissimusdorsimucles (Latissimidorsi)
  • Erector spiane muscles
  • Iliopsoas muscle
  • Biceps muscles and triceps – optional

Portable mobile training kit

Always on the move...

The E-FIT 1280 device provides a machine-supported personal training method and thus it can be superbly integrated into existing facilities or offered as a free-standing system in a fixed E-FIT studio or as a mobile training kit. The E-FIT device is versatile and safe equipment not only because of its many application areas, but also because of its mobility and compact handling. This “personal trainer” can be used at home, while travelling, in fitness, beauty, therapy or high-performance sports facilities. There are various types of custom-fit suitcases and trolleys to the EF-1280 machine and its accessories, so transporting is safe and easy.

This new system ensures a safe transport of the device, electrodes and accessories. The entire equipment for a highly efficient whole-body training fits into only one sturdy case. For mobile use a table stand can be used as a perfect solution.

In medicine this innovative and compact product sets new standards in the treatment of immobile patients who are not able to leave their homes and it is also a new solution for rehabilitative and therapeutic use in hospitals.
As the E-FIT device is portable, personal trainers can provide an even more flexible support to wherever it is needed. Their customers can be trained not only in gyms or studios but at home or at off-hours. E-FIT training is a perfect solution for those people who have no time to go to a gym and would prefer training at home or in their offices. It can also be used while being on holiday or travelling on a business trip. Furthermore, customers can get individual local demonstrations much easier now with the new mobile system.